Lockwood Leads Knights

Tom Cann runs through an impressive coaching-staff roster for Farnham Knights American Football club

Farnham Knights American Football team have revealed their coaching staff for the upcoming season starting in April. Knights have selected Mark Lockwood, whose nickname is ‘Tango’, as their head coach.

Lockwood has gone through the ranks at Farnham Knights, starting off back in the 1980s, when he was part of the offensive line, and then going on to be the offensive line coach. As well as this, Lockwood has coached, played for and captained Team England and GB Lions during his career.

Lockwood has appointed Peter ‘Too Tall’ Fields as his assistant head coach. Fields is one of the few Brits to have made it to the NFL with teams such as Green Bay Packers, Atlanta Falcons and Miami Dolphins. He will also take up the role of offensive line coach.

Meanwhile the offensive coordinator coach will be one of the best quarterbacks in Britain, Olivier DeRuyter. He will have the help of Lockwood, and coaches Jason Wills and Caprice Thompson.

Coaching the wide receivers will be Clive Palumbo, formerly of London Blitz and Kent Exiles. With Palumbo will be Stealey-J Wills, a tactician who has been praised for his precision.

The defensive coordinator will be former London Olympian and Knights player Neil Edwards. He brings a welter of experience with him, and is one of the hardest-hitting safetys to ever play British American Football.

Finally, Paul Foster will take up the role of line backer coach, while Richard Foster will become the defensive line coach. To assist Foster, will be two defensive Line legends, Tony MacKenzie and Thomas ‘Pie Boy Roberts.


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