Scorchers Take Aim At Phoenix

The Surrey Scorchers look to push themselves into playoff contention tomorrow night with a home game at Surrey Sports Park against 10th-placed Cheshire Phoenix, as Jack McNally reports.

The Scorchers are returning to action after a win against the Bristol Flyers last weekend that saw them end a four-game losing-streak in the league, and now they must capitalise on their good form to stay in the hunt for the eighth seed.

Will Neighbour had another standout performance for Surrey against the Flyers as he as he shot 7-13 from the field and led the team in scoring, putting up 16 points.

The Scorchers will have to make Neighbour the focal point of their offense tomorrow night as he can stretch the floor and is a mismatch for defenders with his long-range shooting due to his high shooting arc that comes from his 6’9” frame.

The last time these two teams met it led to an exhausting 67-61 win for Surrey at home after a string of hard-fought back-to-back games. This time the Scorchers have had an entire week of rest to prepare for the game, so expect a high scoring, fast paced match from the start.


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