Ten Up For On-Fire Flames

Ola Bjerkovoll reports on a thumping win for Guildford.

Two goals in the first four minutes and within 13 seconds of each other saw Guildford get a fantastic start to their game against Bracknell Bees. The Flames didn’t let up until the scoreboard read 6-0 at the end of the first period.

One goal in the second and then three in the final period, before a late consolidation goal saw the clean sheet slip away, made the final score 10-1 and Guildford Flames extended their winning streak to three in a row.

A good counter attack saw Marek Maslonka open the floodgates after just three minutes of play. The puck was in the net again before the crowd had time to settle down as just 13 seconds later Andy McKinney snatched a Maslonka rebound off Bees netminder Alex Mettams’ pad and put it into the wide-open corner of the goal.


Another counter attack was the source of Guildford’s third goal of the night as Andrew Melachrino tried to find Andrew Hemmings in front of the Bees goal, but his pass was deflected by a defender and ended up putting the Smettam out of balance, and the puck went in.

Maslonka scored his second of the night as no one cleared the puck away from the danger area in front of the Bees goal and Maslonka arrived late in the area to snatch the puck and smash it into the bottom corner.

Maslonka got his hat trick after 11 minutes when Tom Duggan bounced a shot of the post and into the stick of Maslonka who had no trouble in getting control of the puck and placing it in the Bees goal behind newly substituted goalkeeper Matthew Smital.

There was one more goal to come in the first period as a poor pass from a Bees defender was snatched by Maslonka. He sent it to an unmarked McKinney and the forward pivoted around the goalkeeper who guessed the wrong way and the Guildford man shot the puck first time into the goal.


The Flames came out for the second period in the same tempo as they did the first and had the puck placed in the Bees goal after only two minutes and one second of the second period. A poor routine-attempt at catching the puck with his glove from Smital saw the puck bounce off. It ended up at the stick of Maslonka who took advantage of all the space left by the goalie to place it in the other corner for Guildford’s seventh of the evening.

There was a moment of drama as Bees netminder Smital went down seemingly without contact and lay completely still on the ice but after a few minutes and a quick check-up from the medical team the goalkeeper got back on his feet to a big round of applause from the entire Spectrum. The speakers blared out Chumbawamba’s Thumbthumping with the lyrics “I get knocked down but I get up again, you’re never gonna keep me down.”


In the third period the Flames were in control mode and sent three more past a frustrated Smital. The rest of the Bees team was feeling the same frustration as two fights broke out. Six of their players were penalised and two of them were sent off for the game.

The Bees finally got their consolation goal with two minutes to go, as Rio Grinell-Parker scored with a lobbed shot that Skinns couldn’t get his hands to.


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