Festive Football Cancelled For Farnham

The men’s football team face a fixture backlog, as Tom Lunn reports – and the team are not happy.

UCA Farnham football team have had their match called off for a second successive week, leaving them without a game for more than eight weeks.

Administration errors have hindered UCA twice, as home games at Farnham Park were not booked in time and have had to be rescheduled until the new year.

New Dates

The fixture against UCFB has been rearranged for Wednesday 25th January.

The fixture against West London has been rearranged for Wednesday 1st March.

It’s left UCA Farnham with a busy schedule after Christmas. They must now play seven games in eight weeks toward the business end of the academic year, putting a strain on the commitments the student-players have with their respective courses.


Player-Manager, Luke Hosken said: “Mistakes happen, and I’m disappointed the games had to be called off. As I say though, these things happen, and we’ll play them after Christmas and hopefully having seven games in eight weeks will be a benefit rather than a hindrance.”

Coach Daniel Mountney said: “It’s just been mistakes made by a number of people at the students’ union.

“Granted, it was likely the first one would have been called off because of a frozen pitch but, it’s just the frustration of having the game called off for circumstances that are out of our control.

“I don’t want to point the finger of blame or name names but these mistakes are being made and they need to be sorted.

“One of the most frustrating aspects is that we are informed of the mistakes mere hours before kick-off and left with no time to sort them.”

Mountney added: “I also feel bad for the boys as they have been superb this season.

“They are a great group to work with and just want to play football and work hard to succeed, even if that means travelling in from London and other areas. It’s not fair on them to get to Farnham to find out games have been called off because of errors that shouldn’t be happening.”

“Luke, for example, is going to find it hard to play as he has a dissertation to do. It’s not fair on him or others in same position.”

“If these mistakes happen again it’s something we are going to have to get sorted.”


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