Britbowl Here We Come

Farnham’s American Football team are preparing for the forthcoming season full of confidence, as Tom Cann write sin his special report.

With the Superbowl over, fans of American football in the UK will now turn their attention to the ‘Britbowl’, a competition that the Farnham Knights are hoping to win. The Knights won the title back in 2004, and are serious about repeating that success this year.

Farnham Knights, who train at Ash Manor Sports Park, are preparing themselves for the upcoming season in the Division 1 South, with their first game set to be played in April.

David Ferebee, the General Manager of the club, said: “We don’t just do it for the fun, we are out to win.

“We hope to knock the London Warriors off the top of the table.”

The coaches discuss training.
The coaches discuss training.

Warriors are the reigning champions, but Farnham’s Defensive Line Coach Foster echoed Ferebee’s determination, saying: “we hope to win the Championship, that is our ultimate aim, and it’s the only thing we aim for. We aim for success for our players. They’re healthy, and they have a winning attitude.”


Foster, who has been involved with American Football since 1984, emphasised the importance of the club’s mentality saying: “There are some good guys who are learning to come together as a team. We are creating a team atmosphere rather than an individual [one]. They all like individual success, but I prefer they work as a team together”.

John Healy, who plays as the offensive line-right tackle, recently joined the Knights and is already impressed. “There are some good coaches here”.

The rules of American Football in the UK allow for mixed-gender sides. Farnham’s Laura Hill who plays offensive line-left tackle, praised the team camaraderie saying “the guys have been really welcoming.”

The Knights finished mid-table last year, but according to Ferebee, they should have finished third. The Championship is certainly not an unrealistic aim for the Knights, and they will be hoping to recreate their success back in 2004, and become Britbowl champions once more.


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