No Luck For UCA Against Bucks

Tom Lunn reports on a disappointing defeat for the Farnham university side.

UCA Farnham Men’s Team failed to find their clinical nature they’d shown in the last few games, and were punished as Buckinghamshire New 5ths Mens got their first win of the season beating UCA 0-1.

This was a rather lacklustre performance for a UCA side that had the potential, going into the game, to secure second place.

But the Farnham side ultimately failed to put pressure on Bucks who also didn’t see too much in the way of chances.

Few openings

Farnham found a few openings with most coming from wide positions as Bucks’ defence stayed narrow marking the two UCA forwards, Josh Denny and Sam Finnimore.

The main threat for Farnham seemed down to Drew Sullivan pressing the wings with his speed down the channels, but the final ball and crucial move seemed to fail UCA when they needed it most.

Both sides looked close to breaking the deadlock within the first half with Bucks 5ths holding the majority of attacking play, but overall there were few chances for both sides.


Just 10 minutes into the second half, Tom Arnold slotted into the empty net for Bucks. He was found in the middle of the box with space and time after a counter attack opened up UCA’s defence.

The game from then was a combination of end-to-end action, and a battle in the middle of the park with no chances for either side until the last few minutes.

Farnham attackers found space on the left-hand side with Denny shooting twice within two minutes.

UCA now have to push on in their last couple of games to secure their best ever finish in the league, as they sit just two points behind Queen Mary 5ths with two games in hand.

Buckinghamshire 5ths still sit at the bottom of the table after recording their first win of the season.

The highlights of the game can be found here:


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