Surrey’s Playoff Potential

After what looked like being another disappointing season, the Scorchers have rallied impressively, as Jack McNally reports.

The Surrey Scorchers have just six games left in regular season to cement their place in the Playoffs for the first time since 2013, but it could come down to the last game.

The Scorchers 2016-17 campaign started in similar fashion to the previous years, with a string of consecutive losses home and away. This made it look that the Scorchers would have another year at the bottom of the league, not being able to crack double-digits in wins.

However since that opening week the Scorchers have miraculously fought their way into playoff contention with a 12-15 record that has them sat in the eighth and final playoff spot.

The Scorchers have become a very good defensive team, rarely allowing teams to break the 90-point mark, while also having a flowing offense that has seen two players become the driving force of the team.

All Star

Quincy Taylor and Will Neighbour have both had an incredible season that has seen them being given ‘All Star of the week’ honours. Taylor has been the offensive creator of the team with 16 points per game, and 4.5 assists. He is able to break down the opponents’ defence with incredible dribbling and fast-paced breaks into the paint.

Neighbour has been able to utilise his 6ft 8in frame and smooth shooting touch as a stretch forward to average 16PPG and become a deadly shooter from beyond the arc when the Scorchers need a big shot.

But, while these two players have been great for Surrey and the team is currently eighth seed, it could all come down to the final game of the season as the Scorchers will face ninth-placed Bristol Flyers.

Winner takes all

The Flyers are currently one game behind the Scorchers, however they have only played 25 games compared to Surrey’s 27. This means on the final day of the season both teams could be tied for the eighth spot seed and could play a winner takes all match.

The Scorchers could change all that this weekend with two games in two nights as they face the Flyers this Saturday in Bristol, before heading back to face the Sheffi


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